As a dedicated Save-An-Angel volunteer, I’ve had the honor of taking Rosie (aka Nosie Rosie) to her weekly chemotherapy appointments. Sometimes my kiddos would join because they have also fallen in love with Rosie. Every week when I’d arrive to Whitney and Lawson’s home (her awesomely amazing foster parents) to get Rosie for Chemo;  Rosie would rush out her front door to greet me – giving me the biggest greeting anyone could ever ask for. Once in my car, my kids would also receive Rosie’s endless loves. There’s so much joy in that girl, I tell ya! (CLICK HERE TO SEE ROSIE’S JOURNEY AS IT’S HAPPENING ON YOUTUBE)

Week after week of vet visits for chemo, Rosie’s spirits were always high. Why? Because she knows she is loved! Vet visits were always a positive experience for her. Each visit she was met with endless hugs, tummy rubs, kisses, and TREATS!!!! Let me tell you, this girl LOVES her some treats!


There’s definitely something extra special about that Rosie. She has a greater purpose. Rosie is going to beat Lymphoma and I can’t wait to see how her story continues to unfold and how it will help others. I’m very excited and thankful that she’s been given this chance for a possible cure. I mean, how cool is that?

I will visit Rosie right before she departs to Washington for her procedure. It will be hard to hold back my tears…there’s no guarantee I’ll succeed at that. My prayers will be with her and I hope yours will be, too.

Please consider not getting that one cup of coffee today and donate those few dollars to see Rosie through her journey.  Save-An-Angel and the miracles that are made here are only possible because of your support.  Thank you so much for reading why I love Rosie!  And, thank you for sharing this story with others. 🙂  DONATE TODAY:

Love,  Alyson Walton – Angel’s Saints

P.S. Rosie was in the news the other night -Woo hoo! Please watch the video to see her entire story. You will then see why I so love this amazing girl so much: SEE ROSIE’S STORY ON WDSU BY CLICKING THIS LINK