Step 1: Adoption Application

If you are interested in adopting one of our pets, the first step is to complete an adoption application on our website. This application will help us learn more about you, your lifestyle, and your background with animals. Applications are PROCESSED on a first come, first served basis, BUT applications are APPROVED based on which application is the best match for the pet.


Dog Adoption Application

Cat Adoption Application

Step 2: Preliminary Review

Your application will initially be screened to determine if all necessary information was provided. If needed, we will contact you to request additional information.

Step 3: Veterinary Reference Check

We will contact your veterinarian to verify that your previous and currents pets are receiving appropriate veterinary care and are current on their vaccinations, on monthly preventatives, and are spayed/neutered.

PLEASE NOTE: If you/your veterinarian cannot verify the spay/neuter, vaccination, and heartworm preventative (dog only) records of your current pets, processing of your application will be put on hold until you can provide this information.

Step 4: Landlord Verification (if applicable)

If you rent your home, we will contact your landlord directly to verify that pets are permitted and that the pet you are adopting would not violate pet related restrictions.

Step 5: Meet & Greet

Our organization does not have a facility where you can meet the pets in our care, so we rely on foster homes, off-site adoption events, and adoption habitats at local pet stores. Once your application is approved, we will forward your application to the person caring for the pet who will the20pxn contact you to arrange a meet and greet. This meeting can take place at the foster’s residence, a public location, or at your home – it is at the discretion of the foster parent.

Step 6: Home Visit

A home visit is an informal chance for us to get to know you and your family. You will be visited by a Bastrop Animal Rescue volunteer and usually the pet you are wanting to adopt. The volunteer will do a short walk-through of your home and yard to ensure its safety and to advise you on any areas of concern.

*If our home visit volunteer has any major concerns about your home environment, or if you refuse a home visit, your application will be denied at this point in the process.

Step 7: Finalizing Adoption & Going Home

Upon a successful meet and greet and home visit, you are required to sign an adoption contract and to provide payment of the adoption fee for the pet that you are adopting. At this time in the adoption process, you assume physical and financial responsibility of the pet.

Dog Adoption Fees


Seniors (over 8 years old)
& Special Needs


Medium & Large Breed
Adult Dogs (over 20 lbs.)


Puppies (under 6 mo.) &
Small Breed Adults (under 20 lbs.)

Cat Adoption Fees:


Seniors (over 8 years old)
& Special Needs


Young Adults & Adults
(over 6 months old)


Kittens (under 6 months old)