Canine Lymphoma

Diagnosis. Treatment. Cure!

In this video Angel’s treating veterinarian, Dr. Catherine Garon, spent some time talking with us about canine lymphoma. What canine cancer is, how it’s treated and the possibility for a cure.  This video was created 6 years ago, and toay Angel 5 years cured. We now know that the canine bone marrow transplant works for at least 50% of dogs with B-Cell Lymphoma. Today there are more treatment options than ever before,  including donor to donor transplants and soon immunotherapy.



We know how devastating a diagnosis of cancer can be.  However, it’s important that you stay strong for your fur baby.  As humans we depend on our dogs to help us when we’re down, whether it be with a tail wag or a nuzzle. When your dog is diagnosed with cancer the tables are turned, and suddenly they are completely dependent on you for strength.

Dogs mirror our emotions, so if we’re sad they will work even harder, spending precious energy to lift us up.  If you feel like crying, that’s OK! Just don’t let your fur kid catch your tears. Instead step into the other room, let it out and return with kisses, cuddles and treats.  The biggest thing we have learned on this journey is, THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS!  So every time you find yourself worrying endlessly, remember that your dog is counting on you. We also welcome you to email us anytime for information on support groups or a kind word in your darkest hour.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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