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North Carolina State University Bone Marrow Transplant Unit – the only clinical canine bone marrow transplant program in the U.S.

Dr. Steven E. Suter, VMD, MS, PhD, DACVIM

The veterinary oncologist in charge of the NCSU Canine Bone Marrow Transplant Program. He performed Angels’ BMT and that of every dog in the program.

Education, Awareness & Emotional Support

Georgia’s Legacy – Fight Canine Cancer

This is an excellent site for Canine Cancer Information & Support Resources. Georgia’s Legacy is on a mission to raise awareness about canine cancer and to provide information, resource referral and emotional support to anyone whose life has been touched by this devastating disease. We are proud to have Georgia’s Legacy as an official partner!

Chase Away K9 Cancer

Chase Away K9 Cancer brings together people and dogs from all walks of life to combat and eventually defeat this horrible disease. This group is a grassroots effort where donations and net proceeds from merchandise fund canine cancer studies and awareness efforts.


Discussion forum, blog and online community for 3-legged dogs and their people. They also provide information on bone cancer, amputation, and life on three legs.

Cure Canine Cancer – The Morris Animal Foundation

The Canine Cancer Campaign is a Morris Animal Foundation initiative. Morris Animal Foundation helps animals enjoy longer, healthier lives. We advance health and welfare research that protects, treats and cures companion animals, horses and wildlife worldwide. Our vision is a healthier tomorrow for animals.

Canine Cancer Financial Aid Resources

Step 1: Apply for assistance through these financial institutions.


CareCredit is a credit card program that may be offered at your veterinary clinic or hospital. CareCredit can offer special financing, low monthly payment options, no up-front costs, and has no pre-payment penalties, so you can afford the care your pet needs.

Citi Health Card

Get flexible financing for health care services at participating dentists, orthodontists, vision care specialists, veterinarians and other providers. Citibank card. ** Similar application process as CareCredit; however, does not seem to have as many participating doctors who accept it.

Pet Insurance

If you among the minority of pet owners who has pet insurance, you may be surprised at how much your policy will pay for your dog’s treatments. Check with your policy to find out what tests and procedures are covered and what portion they will pay to help you make your decisions about treatment. *If you go with VPI make sure you have a “Cancer Rider” on your plan to make sure you’re covered. If you do not have pet insurance, PLEASE protect your other pets by enrolling them in a plan. Save-An-Angel recommends VPI or Pet’s Best insurance. *Pets Best covers up to $12,000 of the canine bone marrow transplant on their premium plans.

Walgreen’s Prescription Savings Club Program

If your dog is taking a drug that can also be prescribed for humans, you may be able to save money on their prescriptions by enrolling in the Walgreen’s Prescriptions Savings Club.

Step 2: Apply for financial aid through the following canine cancer organizations.

Please Note: In all cases, funds raised are distributed to your dog’s treating veterinarian on behalf of your pet; funds are never distributed directly to the pet owner. Be prepared to submit your dog’s medical records, including diagnosis and prognosis, and estimated treatment cost. Most of these funds will require proof of income, tax documentation, unemployment, public assistance or social security. Ask your vet in advance for his/her cooperation in completing forms or any requested information. If you have a questions, pick up the phone & give them a call.


This amazing organization donated $5,000 to Save Angel’s life and we are proud to have them as an official partner! The Riedel & Cody Fund is a non-profit organization that was created for and by people who have pets with cancer seeking wellness, hope, and help. Please visit their website today!

Save-An-Angel is proud to be an official partner of The Riedel & Cody Fund!

Please watch this video, courtesy of RCF, to hear Angel’s story as told by her parents — Johnny & Kristie Sullens.



Frankie’s Friends

Frankie’s Friends is a non-profit foundation dedicated to finding cures and saving pets with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. They helped save Angel’s life by setting up a hope account in her name, which allowed us to accept donations for the transplant while offering donors a tax deduction.

The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund

DCCF works with veterinarians to help underprivileged pet owners get cancer treatments for their dogs and cats. DCCF donated $750 to Angel’s BMT, put Angel on their website and helped network her story!

Canine Cancer Awareness

CCA helps families find sponsorship for their dogs costly cancer treatments. Their site is full of information about canine cancer, treatment options and resources. CCA helped save Angel by putting her story online which resulted in a $5,000 donation from The Riedel & Cody Fund!

Maverick’s Story

Maverick was the 1st dog in the world with Leukemia to receive the BMT. His family donated to save Angel’s life and they’ve continued donating to the program in Maverick’s memory.

Cody’s Club

Cody’s Club provides financial support for those who face radiation treatments on a limited income, and also emotional support services with a hotline and an in-person group that meets monthly.

The Pet Fund

The Pet Fund assists owners in covering medical costs beyond the normal expenses of vaccination, spay and neuter surgeries, food and routine veterinary care. Maximum grant amount of $200.

The Magic Bullet Fund

The MBF offers nationwide financial assistance for canine cancer treatments.


IMOM offers financial assistance to pets in life-or-death emergency situations.

Land of Pure Gold

Land of Pure Gold offers financial assistance for Golden Retriever working dogs with cancer.

Angels 4 Animals

Financial assistance for pet owners to care for seriously ill pets and who are having financial difficulty caring for their pet. ** They do not have an application online. Email them thru the “Contact Us” and ask for an eligibility application.

Fetch A Cure

*Virginia Residents Only* Through the establishment of our Companions in Crisis program, FETCH is working to provide financial aid to families unable to bear the high costs of cancer treatment and rehabilitation. ** Application available online for download.

Paws 4 a Cure

Massachusetts based canine cancer awareness organization.

National Canine Cancer Foundation

Dedicated to finding a cure for canine cancer.

Bone Cancer Dogs – The most comprehensive online resource for pet owners whose dog has been diagnosed with bone cancer.

Morris Animal Foundation

Morris Animal Foundation helps animals enjoy longer, healthier lives by advancing animal health and welfare worldwide.

United Animal Nations

UAN has compiled a comprehensive directory of organizations in the United States and Canada that provide financial assistance and veterinary care. The UAN directory includes dozens of grant and loan programs, and they offer several fundraising tools.

Funds that your vet can apply for on your behalf

AAHA Helping Pets

As the benevolent arm of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the AAHA Foundation seeks to improve the lives of pets. The AAHA Helping Pets Fund works with AAHA-accredited veterinary practices to identify pets in need. Accredited practices may then apply for assistance from the Fund for emergency and non-elective treatment of abandoned pets and pets whose owners are facing financial hardship. There is also a separate fund for rescue angels to assist in care of strays and rescues.

Frankie’s Friends

Pets must be recommended for the Hope Fund support by their attending veterinarian. The Hope Fund is used when a necessary therapy would otherwise be impossible financially. Financial support may be given to families who demonstrate substantial financial need and whose pets would have a good prognosis from a single intervention for long-term recovery to a normal quality of life.

Pet Cancer Foundation

Provides a free oncology consultation for your pet through Oncura Partners. Requests must be made through your primary veterinarian.

Information & Education Resources is here to support your veterinarian and you in the care of your companion animals by providing reliable, up-to-date animal health information from the veterinarians and experts of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), the world’s first and largest online veterinary database and community.

The Veterinary Cancer Society

VCS is a non-profit educational organization incorporated in the State of Illinois that offers education, training and research support.

Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center

The ACC continues to pursue a cure for cancer through our clinical oncology service, clinical trials, advanced clinical and research training for veterinarians, innovative research and specialized consultation service available for clients and referring veterinarians.

Animal Clinical Investigation LLC

(Formerly the Animal Cancer Institute) Animal Clinical Investigation (ACI) assists in the development of new treatment opportunities for pet animals through the design and implementation of prospective clinical trials.

Pawsome Pages You Should Know About!

Carolina Yellow Dog/American Dingo Information

This site is filled with information about Carolina Yellow Dog/American Dingo’s. In fact these are the people that we contacted to determine Angel’s breed 🙂