Coming Together in the Face of Disaster

Coming Together in the Face of Disaster

In August 2016, flood waters ravaged the city of Baton Rouge. Thousands of people and pets were displaced in the blink of an eye.  Save-An-Angel immediately began “Calling All Saints” and we are honored to report that the community rallied in record numbers. Saints from all over the state, especially in Baton Rouge opened their heart and home to help their neighbors. It was amazing and inspiring. Save-An-Angel made a promise to save as many lives as possible, so long as fosters and funds are in place. Together we were able to save over 60 dogs in 4 weeks!  All of the dogs have officially transported to new homes with our amazing rescue partners across the country. ALL OF THE DOGS SAVE-AN-ANGEL PULLED WERE PRE-FLOOD DOGS THAT WERE UNCLAIMED IN SHELTERS. Our goal was to pull urgent animals to make room for flood victims, in turn giving owners more time to reclaim their pets. 

Today the shelters remain overcrowded, and Save-An-Angel is starting to pull flood dogs that have been transferred into various shelters from Baton Rouge. We are taking in everything from puppies to seniors. Today we are “Calling All Saints” once again and asking for your help continue saving innocent lives.  PLEASE CONSIDER FOSTERING A FLOOD DOG FOR 2-4 WEEKS until they become healthy enough to go on transport. If you can’t foster, please consider donating to help cover their medical costs.  While monetary donations are a huge help we are aslo asking for people to donate gas cards; gift cards to pet stores and places like Wal-Mart for supplies and points for hotel stays during long transports. THANK YOU for taking time to read this and for sharing with your friends. DOG BLESS! 



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The amazing Saints at Helping Lost Pets are working tirelessly to reunite owners with their pets.  Check out this link if you are still searching for your lost pet.