Please allow us to introduce ourselves. Save-An-Angel is a canine cancer and animal rescue organization based out of Louisiana. Our mission is to save dogs from kill shelters and off the streets. Sophie is one of those dogs.

f2762374-590f-4036-b244-9e26f9f571a7Sophie is a 6 week old puppy that is fighting for her life! Sophie was pulled from a kill shelter with her mama and 2 siblings. The family had a rough start in life. All 10 of the dogs we pulled that day were seized from a murder scene and most were in terrible health. Their only chance of making it out of the shelter alive was if we pulled them immediately. Thank goodness we did, because it was instantly clear that Sophie was in much worse shape than the others. We rushed her to the vet where they determined Sophie needed a blood transfusion to save her life. Turns out she has horrible intestinal worms that are sucking her little body dry; making her to weak to stand or hold her head up. The vets said her chances of survival with a blood transfusion were 50% or greater, so we pushed forward.

PLEASE GIVE IF YOU CAN TO SAVE SOPHIE! Even $5 makes a difference and all donations are tax deductible:

12705402_1221749861187274_2999685263006104836_n5 days of 24/7 care in the hospital and 2 blood transfusions later, Sophie was released to her foster mom. At first Sophie seemed OK. After a few hours Sophie was unable to stand or hold her head up. Foster mom rushed Sophie back to the vet, where they determined that her oxygen was low and they put her in an oxygen chamber overnight.

Today (2/25/16) Sophie is still in the hospital and now the vets believe she is suffering with kennel cough. Her little body is so weak, but her spirit is strong! Sophie is still fighting and we will do whatever it takes to save her, but we need your help. The vet said that worms are coming out in her poop again today. This is after several days of no worms. Also, Sophie’s blood dropped a bit, so they are keeping an eye on that. She is being fed by syringe several times a day and is continues to be on fluids. Our hope is that Sophie won’t need another transfusion, but if she does we want to be ready. A transfusion costs $300 for 1 bag and that bag is good for 2 transfusions on a dog Sophie’s size.

12596251_10155106846598504_1171229974_nIt’s clear to us that Sophie wants to live! She keeps fighting, so we are going to do everything possible to save her precious life. The vets say Sophie’s chances of survival are great with the correct support. So far Sophie has been in the hospital for 7 days and her bill is close to $1500.

PLEASE GIVE IF YOU CAN TO SAVE SOPHIE! All donations are tax deductible:

You can donate online through this page OR you can donate to the vet directly. The vet office also accept care credit.

To donate directly to the vet: MSAH | (504) 835-4266 (The account is under Save-An-Angel/Sophie)

To donate by mail: Save-An-Angel | PO BOX 6142 Metairie, LA 70009

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR READING THIS BLOG & SHARING WITH YOUR FRIENDS! We are forever grateful for your kindness. Please continue sending prayers, wishes, love and positive energy to Sophie!  It’s working!  Together we can help Sophie beat this thing so she can live the long happy life she is meant for. 🙂