Well Saints, we asked and you delivered!  After putting out several posts, pleas, emails and even news stories Rosie has everything she needs to get to Bellingham, WA for her bone marrow transplant that we hope will be a cure for her lymphoma! We are blown away by the outpouring of generosity and support for our special girl.  The first miracle happened when we put out a post that Rosie needed two people to drive her to Bellingham, Washington.  Within hours, native New Orleanian, Gretchen Rieth,  stepped up to save the day!   We were one person short, so we put out another post. Unbelievably, a Saint named Abbi Rinderknecht called us all the way from Los Angeles, CA and said “I want to help!”  We immediately purchased Abbi a flight to Houston where she would meet up with Rosie and Gretchen within the next 48 hours.  The only problem was that we needed a flight back for both drivers.  Within hours we had two incredibly generous donors offer enough points to fly both girls back home once they arrived in Washington State. PROOF THAT MIRACLES DO COME TRUE!

Next, we rented a car and Gretchen drove to pick Rosie up. It was a bitter goodbye with the foster family and transport fosters that loved and cared for Rosie through heart worm treatment and chemotherapy.  They had cake, shed tears and wished Rosie well on her journey to the cure!  Gretchen and Rosie left the Crescent City and headed to Houston where they met Abbi later that night.

Abbi landed in Houston all the way from LAX around 11pm to help Gretchen drive Rosie to her cure!  The 3 girls instantly hit it off and it was clear that this was going to be the adventure of a life-time. 🙂  The girls set out on a 2 day drive to Washington State the following morning.  Every day we looked for their updates and were so excited to see Rosie experiencing snow for the first time!  She was clearly in doggy heaven with her besties, which made following the journey even sweeter. HUGE THANK YOU to all of the Saints who donated airline points to fly the girls back home. To the saints who donated money for hotels, rental cars and gas.  And to the incredible ladies who drove Rosie and to the families who cared for her over the last year and half.  We are forever grateful for your kindness!  Keep an eye out for more Rosie updates as she gets closer to her bone marrow transplant. www.Save-An-Angel.org

Check out this video below that show’s Gretchen, Abbi and Rosie talking about their journey to the CURE!