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Every animal deserves access to high-quality veterinary care and cost should never be an obstacle to loving pet parents. Save An Angel's Pet Wellness & Spay/Neuter clinic located in Bastrop, Texas is a low-cost, nonprofit program with a mission to ensure every pet parent has access to affordable spay/neuter services and basic wellness care for their pets. 

This page is for our Pet Wellness Clinic. Need to schedule a spay or neuter appointment for your pet?


Our Pet Wellness & Spay/Neuter Clinic is located inside the Mary E. Barina building on the Bastrop County Animal Services Campus.

589 Cool Water Drive, Bastrop, Texas 78602


512-967-1097 (fax)

WELLNESS CLINIC HOURS (Veterinarian On Site):

Mondays | 9 am to 1 pm | Appointment Required

Wednesdays |  9 am to 1 pm | Walk-Ins Welcome*

Fridays | 9 am to 1 pm | Appointment Required
*Check our Facebook page for clinic closures.

OFFICE HOURS (Phone & Email Support):

Monday through Friday | 9 am to 5 pm

Need a copy of your pet's records? Click below.


Our clinic is staffed by licensed veterinarians and trained veterinary technicians, but we are NOT a full-service veterinary clinic. All of the services we offer are preventive and will aid in keeping your pets healthy, but we do not have the necessary equipment and supplies to diagnose and treat sick or injured pets.


If your pet is sick, injured, or in need of emergency medical care, please visit a full-service veterinary clinic.


Click here for a list of local full-service clinics.

By Appointment Only

By requesting an appointment, you agree to our non-refundable deposit terms and conditions.



Appointment Fees:

Veterinarian Exam - $10

Technician Appointment - $5

Dog Vaccines:

Rabies Vaccine (1 Year) - $15
Rabies Vaccine (3 Year) - $45*

Distemper/Parvo (DA2PP) Vaccine - $15**

Bordetella Vaccine - $15

Leptospirosis Vaccine - $15**


Heartworm Test - $20*
*Required Every 12 Months to Dispense Heartworm Preventatives 

Other Services:

Pyrantel Dewormer - $10

PPM Triwormer - $5/tablet

Microchip with Lifetime Registration - $22

Oral Preventatives:

Tri-Heart Plus (Heartworms) - $8/month**

Simparica (Fleas/Ticks) - $18/month*

Simparica Trio (HWs/Fleas/Ticks) - $24/month*

*Annual Veterinarian Exam Required

**Annual Veterinarian Exam & Heartworm Test Required


Appointment Fees:

Veterinarian Exam - $10

Technician Appointment - $5

Cat Vaccines:

Rabies Vaccine (1 Year) - $15
Rabies Vaccine (3 Year) - $45*

FVRCP Vaccine - $15**

Leukemia Vaccine - $15


Feline Leukemia/FIV Test - $20*
*Required to Administer Leukemia Vaccine

Other Services:

Pyrantel Dewormer - $10

Praziquantel Injectable Dewormer - $20 to $30

Microchip with Lifetime Registration - $22

Topical Preventatives:

Revolt for Cats (Heartworms/Fleas) - $12/Month*

By Appointment Only

By requesting an appointment, you agree to our non-refundable deposit terms and conditions.

Your pet must be bright, alert, responsive, hydrated, and eating and drinking normally to receive wellness services at our clinic. If your pet is sick or injured, we advise you to reach out to a local full-service veterinarian as soon as possible to provide medical care to your pet.

New patients will receive a brief wellness examination with one of our licensed veterinarians to determine if they are healthy enough for vaccines and/or other services. For a complete, comprehensive physical exam to discuss any problem your pet is having, please see your full-service veterinarian. If Save An Angel's veterinarian determines a patient does not meet the minimum health requirements for services, the patient will be declined to ensure the patient’s health. This declination of service is for a pet’s well-being and the patient will be referred to a local, full-service veterinary clinic for care.


We accept cash and credit/debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Apply Pay. We DO NOT accept checks. We accept CareCredit payments on balances over $100. We also accept spay/neuter vouchers issued by our Community Partners.

Payment is due at the time of drop-off. Please note that if your pet is pregnant, cryptorchid, requires antibiotics, etc. there may be additional charges assessed by the veterinarian. These additional fees are due at the time of pet pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

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