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We are a nonprofit clinic with a mission to ensure every pet parent has access to spay/neuter services and preventive care for their pets.

Mary E. Barina Clinic

Our Pet Wellness & Spay/Neuter Clinic is located on the same campus as the Bastrop County Animal Shelter. 

589 Cool Water Drive, Bastrop, Texas 78602


512-967-1097 (fax)

Low Cost. Best Care.

Every animal deserves access to high-quality veterinary care, and cost should never be an obstacle to loving pet parents.


Save An Angel’s Pet Wellness & Spay/Neuter Clinic delivers affordable and accessible basic veterinary care at discounted rates to residents from nearby and beyond. Please review all of the information on this webpage prior to requesting an appointment.

Save An Angel's Pet Wellness & Spay/Neuter Clinic is staffed by licensed, trained veterinarians and veterinary technicians, but we ARE NOT a full-service veterinary provider. We do not have the equipment or supplies to examine, diagnose, or treat sick or injured pets. All of the services we offer are preventive and will aid in keeping your pets healthy.

Spay & Neuter Pricing

*Additional Fees May Apply

Cat Neuters

Indoor & Outdoor Cats

Includes male cat neuter surgery, e-collar (cone), and post-operative pain injection.


Dog Neuters - S, M, & L

(Under 80 lbs.)

Includes neuter surgery,

e-collar (cone), and post-operative pain medication.


Dog Neuters - XL

(80.0 lbs & Over)

Includes neuter surgery,

e-collar (cone), and post-operative pain medication.


Cat Spays

Indoor & Outdoor Cats

Includes female cat spay surgery, e-collar (cone), and post-operative pain injection.


Dog Spays - S, M, & L

(Under 80.0 lbs.)

Includes female dog spay surgery, e-collar (cone), and post-operative pain medication.


Dog Spays - XL

(80.0 lbs & Over)

We currently do not spay female dogs over
80 lbs. at our clinic. Please contact us for a referral to another clinic.

Pricing subject to change without further notice.


  • Toenail Bleeding Time Test – $10.00

  • Hydrometra - $12.00

  • Mucometra - $12.00

  • Pregnant  - $30.00

  • Pyometra – $30.00

  • Cryptorchid Males – $20.00 to $80.00

  • Dew Claw Removal – $15.00 per digit

  • IV Cather Placement & Fluids – $35.00

  • Add. Pain Medication – $15.00 to $25.00

  • Antibiotics – $10.00 to $60.00

  • Aggressive Handling Fee – $50.00

  • Late Pickup Fee - $1 per Minute After 5 pm


  • Rabies Vaccine (1-Year) – $15.00

  • Canine Distemper/Parvo Vaccine – $15.00

  • Canine Bordetella Vaccine – $15.00

  • Canine Heartworm Test – $20.00 (for dogs 6 months and older). 

  • Feline FVRCP Vaccine – $15.00

  • Feline FIV/FeLV Test – $20.00

  • Microchip – $22.00 (with free lifetime registration)

  • Dewormer – starting at $10

  • Monthly Preventatives Available

By Appointment Only

Please review ALL of the information on this page prior to requesting an appointment.

By requesting an appointment, you agree to our non-refundable deposit terms and conditions.


By Appointment Only

All spay and neuter surgeries are performed by appointment only. Appointments are available on Mondays, Fridays, and some Saturdays. Click here to request an appointment.

Deposit, Cancellation,  & No-Show Policy

A $20 non-refundable deposit is required per pet to hold each pet’s surgery appointment. Deposits are applied to the balance of your invoice on the day of your pet's surgery. Your deposit will be forfeited if you cancel or no-show your appointment.

We require at least 48-hours notice for all cancelations. Following a cancellation with sufficient notice, we will happily reschedule your appointment one time without requiring an additional non-refundable deposit. After one reschedule, your deposit will be forfeited and you will be asked to prepay for all services to be able to schedule another appointment.


In the event insufficient cancellation notice is provided or you no-call/no-show your scheduled appointment, you will forfeit your $20 non-refundable deposit and will be asked to prepay for all future services to be able to schedule another appointment. If you provide insufficient notice or no-call/no-show your appointment more than once, your prepaid balance will not be refunded and you will not be eligible for future services at our clinic.


To cancel your appointment, please email us at

No Food After 10 pm

Your pet should not eat after 10 p.m. the evening prior to their spay/neuter appointment.


If your pet eats after 10 p.m., including treats, please contact our clinic immediately as your pet's surgery appointment will need to be rescheduled. You will lose your deposit.

Drop-Off for Surgery

Drop off for surgery is between 7 am and 7:30 am on the day of your pet's appointment. Please budget 30 to 45 minutes for the check-in process. Dogs must be on a secure leash. Cats must be brought in a carrier labeled with their name and your last name.


Our clinic is located at 589 Cool Water Drive, Bastrop, Texas 78602.

Surgery Pick Up

Please pick up your pet between 4:00 pm and 4:30 pm the same day you drop your pet off. Please budget 30 to 45 minutes for the check out process. We do not board patients overnight. If you are going to be late picking up your from surgery, please notify us ASAP. A late pick up fee of up to $50 is enforced after 5:00 pm. Pets not picked up after 5:30 pm will be considered abandoned and transferred to the care of the Bastrop County Animal Shelter.

Up-to-Date Rabies Vaccine Required

Rabies vaccines are legally required in Texas for all dogs and cats 12 weeks of age and older. Your pet must have a current rabies vaccine to have surgery at our clinic. If your pet's rabies vaccine is up-to-date, you must provide us with the rabies certificate signed by the administering veterinarian. We CANNOT accept a rabies tag, a receipt, or a vaccine reminder as proof of your pet's current rabies vaccine.


If you do not provide us with proof of a current rabies vaccine and/or your pet is due for a rabies vaccine, the vaccine will be given at the time of surgery for an additional $15.

The layout of rabies vaccine certificates vary from clinic to clinic, but the following elements are required for the certificate to serve as legal proof of a rabies vaccine.

  • Date of Rabies Vaccination

  • Veterinary Clinic’s Information

  • Owner’s Information

  • Patient’s Information

  • Vaccine Manufacturer

  • Vaccine Lot Expiration

  • Vaccine Serial Number

  • Veterinarian’s Name

  • Veterinarian’s License Number

  • Veterinarian’s Signature

To provide proof of your pet's current rabies vaccine, you can:

  • Upload a copy at the time of your pet's appointment request. 

  • Email a copy to

  • Text a photo to 512-999-7889.

  • Bring a paper copy at drop off on the morning of your pet's surgery.



Click photo to enlarge.


We accept cash and credit/debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Apple Pay. We DO NOT accept checks. We accept CareCredit payments on balances over $50. We also accept spay/neuter vouchers issued by our Community Partners.

Payment is due at the time of drop-off. Please note that if your pet is pregnant, cryptorchid, requires antibiotics, etc. there may be additional charges assessed by the veterinarian. These additional fees are due at the time of pet pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

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